Taxi Cab franchise based in Gloucestershire

Franchise Territories

  • Exclusive marketing territory
  • Territory based on original model
  • Ranked territories based on potential sales
  • Detailed breakdown of territory structure
  • Professionally mapped territories

Current Active Territories


Having correctly designed territories is critical. Not just maps where shape and size is based on gut feeling or convenient geography, but a carefully planned network driven by data and analytics to deliver just the right number of sales opportunities to each territory. Each territory that we sell is a mirror image of GL8 and it reflects the number of public houses,hotels, wedding venues, railway stations, in essence giving the same sales opportunities to all our franchisees.

  • Just the right amount of prospects, not too many or too few.
  •  Manageable travelling distances – computed to take account
    of road networks.
  •  Clearly defined territory boundaries displayed on high resolution  maps.
  •  An easy way to see concentrations of target markets geographically.
  • A complete breakdown of which Postcodes belong to each territory.
  • Detailed maps, datasheets and address lists identifying where best  to apply sales and marketing effort for maximum effect…

Available Territories

  • Nationwide