Taxi Cab franchise based in Gloucestershire

The Benefits

The major benefit when buying a Pink Cab franchise is your business will immediately have a high profile. The Pink London Cab stands out from the crowd, it is certainly a head turner and you will even find passers by waving at you and stopping to talk and ask for your business card. The Pink Cab advertises itself and creates its own opportunities. The unique selling point (USP) is that this is not just a Cab, it is used for school proms, weddings, hen nights and stag parties which means that your revenue streams are considerably more than the average “cabbie”. You will find that the business will come to you and other cab drivers will soon be envious of your increased earnings.

Increased earnings mean increased profits which then of course means that your Pink Cab franchise will now have a resale value. If you watch “Dragons Den” you will know that on average a business is worth between 3 and 5 times its annual profit. This means that a business with annual profits of £30k is worth anything between £90000 and £150000. Our pilot business now has a resale value in this region. Not bad for three years work!