Taxi Cab franchise based in Gloucestershire


Question – Why did you set up the Pink Cab Business?

Like many people back in 2008 I was made redundant, not a major disaster on its own but the problem was made very much worse by the fact that we had just moved into a new house and my wife had just fallen down some stairs which has effectively put paid to her teaching career. The result was a large but not a substantial mortgage to pay with no income.

Why Pink?

The classic scenario. Redundancy set up a cab business. The problem we had was a lot of people were in the same position as us and coupled with a major influence of eastern Europeans we had to be very different from the competition as there was a lot of it and the numbers were growing. We chose cerise Pink as my wife collects Dr Martens and I had bought her a very stylish Pink pair for Christmas a couple of months before.

Why London Cabs?

Our initial plan was to bring over New York Cabs but we found that this just wasn’t practical as spares would be nigh on impossible to source and the red tape with the local authorities meant it was simply not cost effective to do. We turned to the famous London Icon and have not looked back since.

What are your unique selling points (USB)?

We found that we were not only a Taxi service but we could offer a wedding car service, we could do School proms, stag and hen nights as well as children’s parties. This amounts to quite a substantial extra revenue stream that normal taxi services cannot provide.

Where do you advertise?

We do not advertise because the Pink Cabs are very distinctive and once seen people generally Google the Pink Cab, find our website and give us a call. We now regularly receive phone calls from all over the country and have even had phone calls from New York as people want the Pink Cab to pick them up from Heathrow and bring them to the Cotswolds.

Why don’t I go and set up my own Pink Cab Business

Setting up a business is not an easy process especially in the taxi market, There are an awful lot of Taxi drivers spending hours sat on the rank wondering where the next job is going to come from and more specifically not earning money. We guide you through the initial set up process, dealing with local authorities, CRB checks, medicals and your knowledge test as well as giving you an exclusive area based on intelligent market research to provide a mirror image of our pilot business. We also provide you with an extensive training programme to enable you to reach your goals.

What Qualifications do I need

A driving licence, a new Criminal records check (CRB), a medical and you will also be required to sit a Knowledge test this ranges from a multiple choice exam to a question and answer session or an extensive knowledge test for London which can take up to two years to gain. There are no formal qualifications needed at present although some local authorities are introducing work based NVQ qualifications.

How long does it take

Your CRB checks will take on average 6 – 8 weeks, the knowledge about the same length of time but is dependant on how well you already know your local area and a medical which will take about half an hour. Once all this is in place we can then start the intial traianning which is a week, after which time you will be ready. The big advantage of this business is that you will be earning from day 1.

How much will it Cost

The initial cost for the Franchise is £15000, on top of that you have the purchase cost of the Cab which can vary depending on what your local authority requirements are. For example there are no age restrictions of cabs being licensed in the Cotswolds so the Pink Cab could be on the road for as little as £10000 giving you a total cost of £25000 where as in Wiltshire you cannot licence a new cab that is under 5 years old which pushes up the price in the region of further £10K.

Can I set up in any area

Some local authorities have put restrictions on the number of new licences they will issue and their quotas may be full. In this instance you can approach an existing licensee to buy the licence. This will push up the intitial investment. There are also areas which specify the colour of the cabs eg cabs in Bristol have to be Blue, cabs in Gloucester have to be white. This means that we would have to focus on areas where there are no colour restrictions or licence restrictions.

What ongoing support will I receive

As well as the initial training ongoing business development will be provided with the use of KPI. Our own Pink Cabs will also be available for promotion and marketing support.

How much can I expect to earn

This depends entirely on you the more hours you work the more you will earn, on a part time basis you could earn in the region of £15K or on a full time basis you could earn in the region of £35K. If you decided that you wanted a multi vehicle operation then your earnings would increase again.

Do I have to work weekends

You do not have to work weekends but your revenue would suffer as this is when the majority of your earnings are made.

Can the Franchise fit around my family

You are self employed and as such you are your own boss and can fit your work around your family.

Is this a ladies only Cab Company

No. We do not want to restrict the size of your potential market, there have been a succession of Ladies Only Taxi cab companys which have failed.