Taxi Cab franchise based in Gloucestershire

Training, Backup and Support

The pink cab is committed to providing a comprehensive total support package to its Franchise Owners and, in so doing, to provide them with an excellent opportunity to grow and develop a successful the pink cab business.  These support services include:

  • Continuous training on sales and marketing techniques
  • The joint collaboration of the pink cab Franchise Owners on significant social and corporate events on a pre-booked basis, this is subject to network coverage and opportunities
  • The inclusion of the Franchise Owners business details and images of the team within the pink cab website to generate leadflow and enquiries
  • The negotiation of group benefit purchases, with a particular emphasis on the vehicle suppliers and associated services relating to the cab industry
  • The ongoing analysis of the key performance indicators for each franchise business and the provision of advice and guidance on how to strengthen the weakest links and so improve business performance and profitability , the key areas are as follows, turnover of the Franchise Owner, the associated overheads together with the total number of fares and the value and number of multipliers visited, this will be on a monthly basis
  • The ongoing updating of the Operations Manual to ensure that the business system, in its most updated form, is available to the Franchise Owner
  • Ongoing advice with respect to corporate image, including internet presence to ensure that the attractiveness and credibility of the brand is ever improving
  • The provision of the pink cab  helpline to answer day to day procedural and operational queries
  • The organisation of a periodic conference as an occasion to provide recognition and motivation to all Franchise Owners
  • An ongoing programme of research and development to ensure that the pink cab remains at the forefront of their sector
  • The supply and availability of all stationery and quality promotional material at cost
  • Regular focus group meetings with Franchise Owners to exchange and share knowledge and ideas, including the pink cab  newsletter as a quarterly provision
  • Central marketing function via the website which will be made available to Franchise Owners to support and develop their individual businesses
  • Regular visits to the franchise network to ensure conformity and to understand the individual Franchise Owner’s circumstances and advise appropriately