Taxi Cab franchise based in Gloucestershire

Earning Potential

The pink cab has a tried and tested business system that provides the Franchise Owner with an opportunity to enjoy attractive earnings. Detailed below are three levels of business performance that are considered realistic in the development of the business in the light of historical trading performance and management experience.

Detail Breakdown:Level OneLevel TwoLevel Three
Sales Per Annum48,00072,000144,000
Direct Costs6,0006,0009,000
Gross Profit42,00066,000135,000
Operating Costs117,65024,60074,272

Operating Profit 2




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Please Note: These projections are estimates of sales and costs that are based on, but exceed, the franchisor’s trading experience to date up to Level
Two. The franchisor is not currently achieving Level Three although is working to achieve the Level Three performance. The projections should not
be read as a guarantee that you will achieve these results. The success of a franchise owner will very much depend on his/her own efforts, local
market and general economic conditions.

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