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About The Pink Cab

About the pink cab

About the pink cab


The pink cab was founded in 2009 by Mark and Tina Stevenson as a partnership. The pink cab was registered as limited company in May 2012. “The Pink Cab Company Limited” is referred to as the pink cab within this document.

Mark Stevenson originally completed a diploma in sport (health and fitness) and worked for many years within the golf industry as a Commercial Sales Manager. Throughout this period he had great success in developing corporate membership of various golf establishments, these include The Manor House Golf Club at Castle Combe from 2001 – 2006 and Tracey Park Golf Club from 2006 – 2008. Mark then went on to a period of working as a part time taxi driver this is where the initial gem of an idea arose.

Tina Stevenson originally trained and qualified as a Primary School Teacher specialising in autism and special needs. Having moved from Cambridge to be with Mark Stevenson, they decided to look at businesses that would encompass quality of lifestyle, together with a unique proposition on a traditional theme of taxi services. Discussing this over a pair of Cerise Pink Boots the idea came to them of offering a totally different service besides a hackney cab provision, something that stood out from the crowd and was extremely distinctive. With Mark’s experience as a taxi driver in 2009, the concept of the pink cab business was founded. If a good basic income could be derived through offering a quality and professional taxi service was there a way of achieving additional sales? That is when the idea of the pink cab came to mind, could a business be developed where a premium price could be charged for a distinctive mode of transport?


At this point Tina and Mark Stevenson went to see one of the premier London Hackney Cab converters in Coventry (Mann & Overton) with the idea of painting a cab the same colour as the cerise pink boots, to the dismay of the Body Shop Manager an initial order was placed in 2009 for the conversion.

They have proven that the distinctive vehicle not only stands out from the crowd but generates a significant amount of additional business, which in some instances can be ten times the amount normally charged for a taxi fare, particularly for events such as The Brit Awards or weddings, stag and hen parties, or even proms. Even to the extent, people will go to a taxi rank and will opt to travel in the pink cab rather than the standard cab; in effect this simple business model has dramatically increased the turnover of the business. Over the last three years this model has been developed, modified and honed into the tremendous success it is today.